The BeCover Italia franchising project has over 6 years of history. The BeCover Italia franchise proposal is a real collaboration between the company and the franchisee with the common goal of success. Opening a franchise store in the field of telephony accessories with BeCover Italia gives the opportunity to become part of a team that has gained over the years know-how and skills.


No entry fees and no royalties to open franchises


Training way of selling


Attractive layout for a unique shopping experience


Quality and design made in Italy


Constant assistance and dedicated communication


Careful management of the unsold

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Average annual turnover


Average receipt last year


Investment R&D


Turnover growth on 2017/2018 year


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Opening a franchise BeCover Italy assures you the shipment of free goods at the point of sale. As sharp you can enjoy many additional services useful for the management of the store. BeCover Italia guarantees pre- and post-sales training of the point of sale, remote IT support and advertising on the national territory.

A clear and winning formula to start your new business

To comply with our franchising formula only a few requirements are required: a store of at least 30 square meters with a light point, located in urban or commercial centers with a catchment area of at least 100,000 inhabitants. The design of the store is by BeCover Italia, you will only have to deal with the restructuring. A minimum investment to start your career as an entrepreneur.